Always friendly and courteous, worked hard to get refi put through, took little longer then expected, but now closed and construction is to begin in 5 days. Thank you for assisting and all the work done. Everyone was helpful and did what was needed to get this done.
I highly recommend Keith and his Team for all your lending needs. They have provided me with exceptional customer service. No exaggeration, I have an excellent credit score and was in contract to buy a single family property. The lender I was using at the time, had strung me along throughout the appraisal process. Then, they denied the loan at the very last moment. I reached out to Keith and the only thing he promised was that he would try and push to get this done. Sure enough, Keith came through and was able to get me the loan. His Team worked through nights and weekends to help me secure the loan. Not many employees out there are this dedicated to their job...to their supervisor. We closed in a matter of a couple of weeks. Truly a miracle. This is proof that Keith treats his Clients and Employees with respect.
I close on the 24 th ,2019 the entire process was excellent I have no complain and I would highly recommend family first founding . I with them all the best and good success In the future the entire staff team was very very good A big thank you all to everyone that assist in the entire transaction process and have brought my closing to the finish .
Keith and his team were there for me every step of the way.. Like it was there Morgages being closed and worked on!! Once again thank you for the fantastic JOB!!